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  1. Joshua Fetterman

    Keep it going buddy. Your videos and the OPST boys got me into learning about spey cadying then making skagit setups for first my single handed and then double rods. You do not over complicate things which fly fisherman do . I started fly fishing about 6 months ago i am 29 and spinner fished since 3 or so with my dad and wanted something old but new to do. I couldn’t justify the limitation of just 1 fly line or the price of many lines so skagit seemed like a fit wit changeable tips and simple leaders. I have learned a lot so far from you and has been fun. Not at hold my beer level yet but i did get the biggest smallmouth of my life with a 13 ft 7 wt on the Susquehanna in central Pennsylvania nearly 5lbs with some tips from you.

    Appreciated ,

    To dry waiters and undwear.

    1. Great to hear and thanks for taking the time to comments, I still love fishing with spoons and spinners! So happy you are enjoying the journey into Spey casting and chopping line! I feel fortunate to be a part of that!

  2. Joshua Fetterman

    Lol… waiters….waders stupid autocorrect

    1. I feel ya buddy! Stupid autocorrect!

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