The Mother of all Mending Your Spey Line Posts

My latest video with some bad casting by yours truly,  with mending, line control, and random tips, followed by a couple really good videos by Ard Stetts and Patient Pete, Two really, really good fishermen.  Enjoy and learn! Thanks for watching!!!! Skagit Casting, Anchor Placement, Line Control, Mending Uploaded by Line Speed Jedi on 2018-09-10. […]

Skagit Casting for Distance

23 Tips to Improve your Skagit Casting Distance and Power

How to Skagit Cast for More Distance and Power For more Skagit casting tips go to: This Video gives detailed instructions on how to vastly improve the distance, Power, efficiency and effortlessness of your Skagit Casting as well as Scandi Casting and Spey Casting in General. 1)  Squeeze the Rod with your bottom hand […]

Distance Spey competition casting

Single Spey 2.0, Longbelly

  I had the opportunity to practice with my competition rod on a quiet lake under optimal conditions for casting and videoing so I decided to try to improve on my single spey presentation.   Single Spey 2.0 – Longbelly Actual Spey Casting starts at 9:43 A Spey Casting session where I’m working on my Single […]

Buying a Trout Rod

Trout Tips: Choosing a rod These days, when even a modestly priced rod will set you back $350, it’s more important than ever to choose wisely. Whenever I rod shop, I’m reminded of that scene in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, when the traitor arrives in the Grail Room and is handed the false […]