This is a post written by Riveraddict aka Ed Ward on Speypagesand it is an excellent read for anyone wanting to learn about swinging flies for winter Steelhead.   Since I’ve got nothing better to do right now in Texas, here’s my advice on LEARNING it. Keep in mind that this is based upon my OPINION.

When the rod passes your position, your shoulder, it must be rising,….Robert Gillespie   One of the Golden Rules of Spey Casting according to Robert Gillespie is this: (on the sweep) when the rod passes your position, your shoulder, it must be rising, whether in the straight line incline or the climbing curve. Here is

I have not had the pleasure of meeting Jay personally but when I’m near Eugene I love to stop by the Caddis Fly Shop and pick up a few of his amazing creations. He is a fly tier, creator, writer, with such a laid back style that he looks like he is just playing at

I want to throw a bone to my friends who come to this site regularly. Although I have made so many mistakes here, including negligence and incompetence (loosing my email list, maybe twice) people regular users still check in and I want to show my appreciation by dropping some value bombs by way of sharing

My Buddy Mike and I returned to one of our favorite rivers last weekend. A few years ago at this time of year we did alright on a different stretch of river, each landing a nice Steelhead. Catching Steelhead has a nice way of taking the pain out of the frozen blocks of ice that

Originally published in 2016 What do you do when you get a text message from a friend inviting you on a “just bring your lunch” trip to fish XYZ creek? You leap up in the air, click your heals together, and start building peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I have the uncanny ability to surround

Spey rod review.   Spey rod shootout.  Whatever.  Consider this a Spey rod review in a shootout fashion that has taken place over years. I only recommend Spey rods or two -handed rods that I have owned, cast, fished or have heard very good reviews myself.  I get a commision from a spey rod sale off

Conditions were right for a casting video on a fishing trip with Charlie to a local haunt where we are often skunked, but hey. We made a high Slow Skagit double Spey video Using my beloved Beulah Classic 12’7″ two-hander with a 500 grain Rio Skagit short, old model, 10′ of t14 which I hate on this

My latest video with some bad casting by yours truly,  with mending, line control, and random tips, followed by a couple really good videos by Ard Stetts and Patient Pete, Two really, really good fishermen.  Also, I threw in a few more videos from seriously fishy fellers (SFF) Zach Williams, and Jon Hazlet, etc. to

Skagit Casting for Distance

1)  Squeeze the Rod with your bottom hand and relax your top hand. This will help you use your bottom hand throughout the cast whether you are casting midrange or Skagit Casting for Distance. 2)  Sweep with your bottom hand as much as possible. This will prepare you for using the bottom hand during the

Distance Spey competition casting

  I had the opportunity to practice with my competition rod on a quiet lake under optimal conditions for casting and videoing so I decided to try to improve on my single spey presentation.   I thought I could make it short and sweet but I rambled on more than my original single spey how to

   There are no rules, other than It must be fun.  It has to be a happy day. Dad needs to be in a good mood, the entire time.  It’s like training a puppy. It’s not about demanding that the puppy obey, it’s more about building a bond and establishing a rapport with the puppy and Janusz Panicz. My mentor in all things Scandi What is the difference between Scandi and Underhand Casting? First, I would like to thank Llandogo who had this to say about my Underhand casting Goran Anderson style Video: I have used the underhand style of casting for many years and your interpretation is excellent.

 Thanks to Poppy at the Redshed Fly Shop I was able to implement the try before you buy plan and try a couple Airflo Skagit Scout heads and a 10′  OPST Micro Spey floating tip. I picked the Airflo Skagit Scout 180 grain as opposed to the OPST Commando head because I wanted to

Skagit casting puts a big bend in the Deathstar because of the short, heavy Skagit line and sink tip

 Skagit casting isn’t really much different than any other style of Spey casting. It should be slow, smooth, fluid, effortless, beautiful, efficient, and effective. Hot off the Press: 23 tips to improve your Skagit Casting Power and Distance. 1) Cut the hook off of your fly, stand in one place and practice for an

  In honor of the late Johnny Kuehn I am featuring this cool spey rod I built using Mieser components, including nice cork and a very expensive reel seat. Unfortunately my rod dryer malfunctioned and the rod ended up with some carpet fuzz and bubbles in the finish epoxy so the rod is not exactly “pristine” in