Best switch rod for the money.

My son and I’ve been fishing the Anglers Roost 11′ 5/6 -4 (piece) IM6 blank that I rolled into a custom switch rod. Actually its his rod, we built it together and now I have confiscated it and it rocks This little dude is amazing.  We used it Swinging for summer steelhead with a Steve […]

Random Spey Casting Tips

I had an opportunity to watch Tom Larimer’s Skagit Revolution instructional video this weekend and I was very impressed.  My casting does not resemble his in most cases, partially because in the video he used only “sustained anchor” techniques, which is to say he did not do any touch and go casting.  I have mostly […]

Airflo Skagit F.I.S.T.

The Airflo F.I.S.T. line (Floater, Intermediate, Sink-Tip) is a new Skagit head that is roughly two thirds sinker. It enables us to fish fast runs more slowly, swing slowly in the cold, plus get deeper when needed…Peter Charles Hooked4life Fly Fishing full blown excellent Review! Here are a few random neural firings I experienced when I […]

Impromtu Spey Casting Lesson

Last weekend  Charlie and I had some fence to fix on the honey do list but we made a little detour to the pond so I could have him video a few casts.  While I was watching the replay he took my rod and played with a few snap T casts.  I asked him to […]

Cack Handed Double Spey

Not my favorite cast.  In fact I’m not exactly sure the last time I tried it if at all. I don’t cast cack handed often but it is fun. Similar to making whoopee over 50 (not miles an hour either) It’s been such a long time that I forgot which way to point my toes […]

A Single Spey for The Ages

Check this out. Occasionally I run across a relatively undiscovered video that I have the honor of showcasing on this site.  This is incredible technique with a long-ish Spey line. Geir Hansen from Norway has been top Tournament Spey competitor many years. He finished 4th in 18ft Spey in 2016 World Championships. He is also […]

Jerry French leaves OPST

I thought this was a really cool blog post by Jerry French.  He explains why he left OPST and the impact he is having on fly tyers internationally. I found him on the Aqua Flies website. They have some great flies. Thanks Rick J of Speypages for the headsup. Rick Jorgensen is a lifelong fishing partner […]

A Reply to from Ed Ward reguarding cm/cl Skagit Casting

Ed Ward, aka RiverAddict on Speypages posted the following comment on Speypages response to this blog post about constant motion, continuous load Skagit casting. I presented my “new” thoughts regarding CM/CL (Constant Motion/ContinuousLoad) SOMEWHERE on the internet a couple/few years ago. Unfortunately, where exactly I don’t remember. Basically it shakes out to, after having discussed extensively, […]

Angular Momentum with Tobias Hinzmann

Tobias Hinzmann was kind enough to submit a couple of very interesting videos showing some work he has been doing in regards to angular momentum using high quality super slow motion videos. I posted them here because I thought they were very well done. He obviously put a ton of work into these. I thought […]

Impeccable Single Spey Cast

The above photo and video (both taken by Zack Williams) are Bruce Kruk, a long time member of the world renowned Galeforce and Carron Competition Spey casting teams doing a classic single Spey cast with a long line.  Zack Williams posted this video along with a few Single Spey Thoughts from the PNW Spey Guides site on the blog. […]

Snake Roll Help

The Snake Roll is a very powerful cast and very easy cast to learn. You just point your rod downstream and let the current straighten out your line.  Now your fly is on the dangle.  Very  slowly draw the number 9 with your rod tip.  VERY SLOWLY.  In fact, make the circle of the nine pretty […]