Bruce Kruk's excellent single Spey

Impeccable Single Spey Cast

The above photo and video (both taken by Zack Williams) are Bruce Kruk, a long time member of the world renowned Galeforce and Carron Competition Spey casting teams doing a classic single Spey cast with a long line.  Zack Williams posted this video along with a few Single Spey Thoughts from the PNW Spey Guides site on the blog. […]

How to do a snake roll spey cast

Snake Roll Help

The Snake Roll is a very powerful cast and very easy cast to learn. You just point your rod downstream and let the current straighten out your line.  Now your fly is on the dangle.  Very  slowly draw the number 9 with your rod tip.  VERY SLOWLY.  In fact, make the circle of the nine pretty […]