What I’ve learned about Scandi Casting Part Duex.

Here is what Janusz Panicz had to say about my Some things I’ve learned about Scandinavian Spey Casting video.
It is about the line speed.  This speed is generated at the end of the forward cast by pulling with your bottom hand toward your belly. It’s the underhand that generates speed.
If you were to push with your upper hand then you generate power and less speed. So the more you move your upper hand down the handle and pull with your bottom hand the more speed you generate on forward delivery.
For that matter you hold your upper handle way too high. The distance between your palms holding handles should be approximately the same as the distance between your hips.
In Andersson’s Underhand style the upper hand should hold the handle even further down.
Secondly you should lift already to the side. And sweep with your forearm to the side. Not toward your chest.
You lift really slow but you sweep faster than you lift. It depends on the particular cast. In switch cast you sweep slower, in single spey a bit faster. After the lift you push away your bottom hand TO GENERATE SPEED in your sweep and then you rotate.
Yes, you keep your upper hand in front of your body but you forearm to the side. Otherwise your cast will luck power and you will cast tailing loops. Sweep to the side as much as you can and then at the end of the sweep drift and move your upper hand closer to your body to close the D-loop but not vertically pointing up.
I had a student over the weekend who struggled with that. This makes a huge difference on the power of casts.

So I made the following videos to clear things up.

3 thoughts on “What I’ve learned about Scandi Casting Part Duex.

  1. I agree with what you have written based on reading ,and the studying I have done. Also, using some of the methods you describe during my practice and fishing. Good stuff.

    1. Thanks for the feedback Jim. Glad you are getting a chance to get out and practice and put some of these ideas to use. Practice is the key. Very happy these articles are helping you with your casting and fitting in with what you have been studying. Keep me posted on your progress. Its a fun way to cast but very challenging to learn.

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