Tip of the Day: Sweep with your body.

Its all a work in progress. Here is a cast showing upper Body Rotation and some Music to Drowned out the Rod Noise….Its not a perfect cast.  

I broke it down as I talked myself through a cast saying something like: Lift, push with your bottom hand, sweep with your body. I did not blend the bottom hand push with the body rotation like I might normally but it does illustrate that if you sweep by untwisting your body you will have a much easier time with your single Spey cast.

If you are having trouble doing a single Spey try locking your arms and sweeping with just your body.

I hope you get a notification for this one Jim Reelstory, thanks for your patience buddy.

7 thoughts on “Tip of the Day: Sweep with your body.

  1. Oh man, that could be some “heavy” advice. Think about how a golfer properly rotates his hips towards the target before his torso, then shoulders, then arms and finally hands. If it is performed after establishing great tension in the hips, it may not have to be a large movement.

    I think I’d better go check some video of myself!

  2. Here is a comment regarding your body rotation for the sweep. You are rotating efficiently which positions your rod to begin the forward stroke while maintaining a straight rod tip path. If you would then rotate counter clockwise back to your original stance you will have begun to move the rod tip in its straight line path, eliminating any slack or loss of line momentum and can then do your rod rotation at the end of the cast instead of at the beginning. The rod noise for which you have added the music to eliminate is generally caused by too early rotation of the rod (before moving the entire rod butt forward by body rotation). Just a thought. Try facing your target for the cast and then rotating for the sweep and rotating back for the forward cast before your final rotation of the rod. Listen to see if this will eliminate the swoosh noise of the rod.

    1. Ok, Gary, thanks for the tip. I will read this over a few times and try to incorporate it in the cast and see what happens. Thanks for taking the time to to watch the video and comment with helpful critique. I appreciate that a lot.

      1. Tim….I didn’t mention the importance of weight shift which is an important part of the body rotation. Try moving your right foot forward a bit for your stance which allows you to begin your sweep rotation off of your forward foot and progress to weighting your left foot at the end of your sweep. The right foot forward prevents you from over-rotating. For your counter rotation back your weight will transfer to your right foot again which assists in the movement of the entire rod forward before making the rod rotation at the end of your cast.
        Hope this helps rather than confuses your journey.

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