Underhand Casting Goran Anderson Style

I stuck my neck out and did an Underhand Casting Goran Anderson Style Youtube Video with the caveat that I’m not really an underhand casting guy.  I have learned much from my correspondence with Janusz Panicz when he taught me about Modern Scandinavian Casting these past couple years. He helped me to understand when I was blurring the lines between the two styles so I have a little better understanding now. Some of the differences between Modern Scandi Style and Underhand are shooting head length, leader length, the grip, the lift the sweep, hand movements, body position. 

So there is a difference between Underhand Casting and Modern Scandinavian Casting. There are also some similarities. 

I thought I would pass this along to clear at least a few things up, with the understanding that it may make things a little more confusing.  If its bad Im willing to take the heat. Its the least I can do for the good of mankind.

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