The Tiniest Spey Rod in the World

Ok, here it the smallest “Spey” rod I will ever own.

I made it from a 6′ 2/3 Tiger Eye 2 piece graphite blank.  It has a very crisp action if you don’t line it up too heavy.  

The grip is from the E.F. Payne fly rod company when it was in Sisters Oregon.  Its the smallest grip I have ever seen. I had to have it, so I bought it and built the rod around it.

The grip of the 2/3 weight is teeny compared to a normal fly rod.

The shooting head is actually the floating tip off of Rio Scandi Short Versitip #8.  

Its about 10′ long and weighs approximately 80 – 100 grains.

The sink tip is a section cut from an clear intermediate sink fly line.  Its around 5 feet long.  I just wanted something that would basically keep my Wooly Bugger or Soft Hackle fly under water, that’s all.  I’m sure it could handle a heavier sink tip but I didn’t want to get too crazy with big flies and heavy tips for this little outfit, at least for now.  A few feet of straight mono makes up the tippet section.

This thing is absolutely a hoot for Smallmouth Bass and your basic cookie cutter hatchery Trout.  

I used Berkley Big Game #25 mono for the running line but I think a minimum of #30  is the very least a person should use.  Its just too easy to break a lighter mono running line and the bigger stuff is easier to hold on to.  I have not tried the #40 on this setup yet but I see no reason why it would not work pretty good and hold up much better.

Here are some of the casts in super slow motion.  It does reveal some of my casting faults, which most noticeably to me is the slack that develops after the sweep, the interruption of the fluidity of motion in that portion of the beginning of the forward stroke- not that it has to be perfectly continuous but there is some weird, dippy, herky gerky  stuff going on with the rod including the occasional abrupt power blast which needs to be much smoother and fluid and uniform. I see occasional creep, a kind of a funky bloody L, (or maybe its a Z) possibly induced by help from the current, some casts that went out crooked and landed that way and missed opportunities for hauling, especially with my right hand; which is understandable because my left hand is so uncoordinated that if I tried to chew gum while casting left handed while hauling right handed I would fall in.

 You can get away with this stuff with the shorter shooting heads but with a longer belly I would probably be in trouble as far as producing a nice uniform loop.  I sure is fun casting this thing though, and I’ll try to smooth things out.

The camera is absolutely amazing.  If you are able to watch this in high definition I recommend it.  The water is beautiful and the lighting was just right for a casting demonstration.  I you might be able to find more clips in my Youtube channel where you might find some bad casts and the tangled running line and my ugly mug.  I hope you wont hold it against me.

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