The Three Most Vital Tips on How to Catch More Steelhead on the Swing

This is a great video by guide Nick Rowell on the Deschutes River I found on the Deschutes Angler Youtube channel.

  1. Keep the fly fishing effectively in productive water
  2. Don’t try casting outside your effective fishing zone: In other words if your fly isn’t turning over, reel in more line and only shoot as much as required for you fly to turn over consistently
  3. Don’t be lead footed.  Take a step or two (or three or, like five) between each cast.
  4. Develop a cadence in your fishing.  All day long, do the above.
  5. Learn to single spey.  At the very beginning of the video Nick makes an excellent single Spey cast with proper technique.  This cast will get your fly back in the water, fishing, quicker than any Spey cast bar non.
  6. Don’t do the Wombat cast unless you absolutely have too.  I just made that up. But its true. Tight lines.

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