The Scandinavian Spey Cast from behind.

Here is my most recent video with commentary from Janusz Panicz 
Watched your recent videos shot from behind you.
Verdict is: you drop your hands prior to forward cast.
You should let the upper hand move down/follow the curve of the rod angle… but this should be a part of the forward cast motion.
Instead you drop your hands a fraction of a second prior to the forward cast.
This is faulty.
I have one student doing the same. It’s hard to eradicate.
My response:
 Maybe that is also part of the reason I have too much line stick. The anchor even involved part of the bottom leg of my D loop some of the time and said anchor didn’t lay straight. I did have a few casts where I concentrated on the drift and watched my anchor and started my forward cast with a very light anchor and the results were much better. I fell apart during the videoing do to stage fright I suppose, but next time will be better.
In fairness to me I was trying to catch a fish, so I was distracted because I need a video of me catching a fish which would drastically help my street cred. That’s my excuse anyway.

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