The Mother of all Mending Your Spey Line Posts

My latest video with some bad casting by yours truly,  with mending, line control, and random tips, followed by a couple really good videos by Ard Stetts and Patient Pete, Two really, really good fishermen. 

Also, I threw in a few more videos from seriously fishy fellers (SFF) Zach Williams, and Jon Hazlet, etc. to complete the article. Enjoy and learn! Thanks for watching!

Skagit Casting, Anchor Placement, Line Control, Mending

Uploaded by Line Speed Jedi on 2018-09-10.


Streamer Fishing Techniques by Ard Stetts

Rigging leaders & control of depth, speed and direction on the swing.

Spey Casting the North Santiam River 1

Spey Casting the North Santiam River 1

Two Minute Drill | Mending Your Spey Line

Jon Hazlett at the Ashland Fly Shop discusses the two primary types of water and how to properly mend your line when swinging flies.

Spey Tips: with Zack Williams – Swinging for Trout vs Steelhead

What is the difference between swinging for trout and steelhead with Zack Williams. Check out these quick tips from the spey pros at the 2017 North 40 Fly Shop Spey Clave. Zack Williams talks about how his approach changes depending on if he is fishing for Trout or Steelhead.

Outside the Fly Box 5 Swinging techniques for Steelhead

A how to on swinging techniques for Steelhead! The slow swing and the broadside. Two options that will help you catch more fish.

Fly Fishing Tips – Mending Pt 1 – Michael Gorman

Slowing the drift or swing of the fly with EFFECTIVE mending is critical to catching more steelhead. Michael Gorman, author of Steelhead Fly Angling, Guerilla Fly Rod Tactics, explains what an excellent mend should look like.

2 thoughts on “The Mother of all Mending Your Spey Line Posts

  1. I had a question for you Jedi, did you ever dial in the 7126 method for a Skagit line? Please email me any info would be great

    1. Nick, sorry for the late reply. In short, I did not. If you would like to read the comments here, and here you will get an idea of what I felt at the time I tried the rod. Nice little stick but I think the standard line recommendations are a little heavy for my taste.

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