4 thoughts on “The Mother of all Mending Your Spey Line Posts

  1. Hey Tim,

    I’m always flattered when anyone places me in the company of so many people who really know their stuff. We are making a second and probably shorter video this spring featuring the use of my somewhat unique sinking leader system with single hand rods. I’ll remember to link you to it when it’s done.

    1. Great to hear from you Ard! Absolutely let me know when the video comes out. Very interested in seeing it and making it available to linespeedjedi.com audience! Thanks for the headsup, Looking forward to the video!

  2. I had a question for you Jedi, did you ever dial in the 7126 method for a Skagit line? Please email me any info would be great

    1. Nick, sorry for the late reply. In short, I did not. If you would like to read the comments here, and here you will get an idea of what I felt at the time I tried the rod. Nice little stick but I think the standard line recommendations are a little heavy for my taste.

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