The Machine Like Precision in Greg Benciviga’s Longbelly Single Spey Cast

Attention aspiring longbelly casting personal: If you want to huck a long line, do it just like this:

The is Greg Benciviga’s Single Spey Cast. The same rules apply here as they do from Kruk’s Impeccable Single Spey Cast.  As explained by Zack Williams in Single Spey Thoughts.  They are as follows:

 1. Slow, clean lift.

 2. Pay particular attention to his sweep. Notice how quiet his arms are. The sweep is done with his turning at the hips, not by turning with his arms.

 3. A nice high drift and then smooth pull of the bottom hand for a forward cast…Zack Williams

Here are a few more casts from Greg’s Youtube channel.  He is know for his technical correctness in casting Longbelly Spey lines.   You can see more of Greg’s casting on the Nextcast Products Page on Facebook. Check it out.

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