Southern California Spey Casting Tournament

There is going to be a big Spey Clave, Tournament, shindig at the Long Beach Casting Club where it is really nice and warm and all of the water is in liquid form.

Here is some info about the Spey clave and tourament:

The water depth will be 2 feet.
LBCC wishes to thank the following vendors:
Poppy and Mrs. Red Shed will be there with plenty of goodies: Cane rods, Gaelforce products and a whole lot more;
Gene Oswald, Bruce & Walker, North America, will also be there with a full complement of rods for folks to demo.
Marriott’s Fly Shop, the premier shop in Southern Cal, and Hatch Reels are planning on having a presence, as well.

For those interested in polishing their spey casting skills, Tommy Arkvisla, (SORchampion, 2015), Gene Oswald and other competitors will be there to help on Friday and Saturday afternoon.
I’ve heard that SOR and world champion Travis Johnson will be there also.

If you have the opportunity to attend you should go. You can learn a ton at these things. You should enter if you can, even if it means coming in dead last.  These are nice people. They will help you on your casting journey.

Speypages photo: by 4sallypat

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