The Best, Cheapest, Favorite Mono Running lines: Use and Disposal

My favorite cheap running line is Berkley Big Game Ultragreen #40lbs test. Its cheap and shoots great. It sinks though, but for the price thats not a deal breaker. It requires good stretching just like the more expensive Varivas Airs which doesn’t sink as much and shoots like crazy.

Varivas AIRS, a monofilament line has a ridged exterior caused by six hollow interior air chambers. It is incredibly slick … Its a very popular choice among Competition Spey casters.

Berkly Big Game Ultragreen (it doesn’t have to be ultragreen in color, I just like it) is awesome though because you can pile it on your reel because of its low price. When it gets kinked up or scuffed just chop off the bad stuff and use the fresh…

You can buy a 370 yard spool at Walmart for about 8 bucks and that spool will last for years. Keep it in a dark place out of the sun and stretch it with gloves before use.  Examine all mono running lines for scuffs and nicks, use at least 36 pound test for all but the very cheapest shooting leads or you could loose your favorite shooting heads or at least go for a swim to retrieve it.

Make sure you chop up or burn or at least pack out your used mono running lines and toss them in the trash so birds and woodland creatures don’t become tangled up in it. 


If your a really cool spey guy it would be awesome if you would just wad it up and burn it with the cherry from your big cigar, provided you don’t inhale the fumes. 

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