The Art of…Me- Anlgers Roost on Mieser Components


In honor of the late Johnny Kuehn I am featuring this cool spey rod I built using Mieser components, including nice cork and a very expensive reel seat.

Unfortunately my rod dryer malfunctioned and the rod ended up with some carpet fuzz and bubbles in the finish epoxy so the rod is not exactly “pristine” in the appearance category.

 Nevertheless, it fishes fine and still looks pretty cool.  And, no, it doesn’t come with close up photos of the fuzz.  Unless you’re really serious about fancy rod upgrades.

It’s built on an Anglers Roost 14′ 11/12 Euro style Spey Rod Blank. We test fished it with a 570 grain Skagit head and medium heavy sink tip and the thing absolutely jacked. Also, you could probably use it for a jack as its pretty stout. I’m sure it can probably handle the heaviest Skagit head you could find and chuck a really heavy tip and any dead chicken you could tie on. But I don’t know if it is technically a 10/11.  And for whatever its worth, it doesn’t feel like a Euro style fast action rod.  It has a very mellow action that’s not too stiff and not too soft. Its juuuuust right.

It would be great for kings or big water steelhead.

The beauty of these rods? If you break it the sections are super cheap and easy to obtain from Anglers Roost. 


I’m hoping they are able to continue after Johnny’s death but we will have to wait and see.

So yeah, its kind of a “custom rod”  with that special “home made” flair.

 Thanks Johnny for the years of great service. May you rest in peace.

7 thoughts on “The Art of…Me- Anlgers Roost on Mieser Components

  1. Hi Tim,

    Great looking blog and content. I would love to see the rod sometime and love that Charlie is already spey casting. I built an 11′ 6″ 6/7/8 Meiser a few years back and it is my “sweet” stick for all things steelhead, in fact I sold my T&T and Sage Spey rods because I never use them any more. I am looking to build a 5/6 meiser for some streamer and nymph fishing soon.

    Cheers and Tight Lines,


    1. Thanks Dusty. I appreciate the comment and the kind words. Charlie is my built in fishing partner when he is able to break away. Meiser designs great rods and is a cool guy. I visited with him on the Rogue river one day and having never met me before he offered to loan me a brand new rod to test drive a couple of weeks. I don’t blame you a bit for sticking with his blanks. They are superior! Thanks again for visiting the site and the nice comment!

    1. Thanks for the comment, I would suggest the local Buy-Mart store or Sportsmans Warehouse. They have some decent combos starting out really cheap and going up in price from there. Bat your eyes and tell the salesman at Sportsmans what you plan on fishing for and where. If the combo comes with cheap line have him cut it off and Line it with 4-6 lbs test Maxima Ultragreen and you’ll be set. If your tough on equipment the Shakespeare Ugly sticks are pretty durable.

  2. Tim I still have two of the anglers roost rods: a 5/6 13 ft spey and my personal favorite the 4wt 10′. These are3 the UHM black blanks and they have held up for the last 3 years. While I still live my sage one, and our all time favorite 7126 sage “Deathstar”, Anglers roost offers a supreme rod for a fraction of thte price and most of the rods come with two tip sections for those of us that never learn to keep the tip away from the car door.

    Love your home wraps, still impress the sparks outa me!

    1. Hey thanks buddy. Yes, they are the best bang for the buck on the market for fishing tools. Particularly for us since we are so hard on stuff. I forgot about all of those nice rods you still have including the ARE sweethearts. Thanks for the Kudos!

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