The Art of Glenn Ness

Glenn Ness is one fishy Dude. He is now offering to paint your catch!  And guess what? It is not expensive!!!

IMAG0285[1]  I took the above photo of Glenn.  Chances are, he had just picked my pocket.  One would think that I’d be a little miffed about that but I hold no contempt for a guy who often out-fishes me, without remorse, I might add. But enough about me. (By the way, Glenn is the one on the right)

Glenn is now offering custom portraits of your catch.  It’s a new thing he’s doing and its popular. So if you are interested, contact him on his Facebook page or reach out through me, here at and I will hook you up! He is offering this at a very reasonable price!

  “The Predator” – Oil on panel

Like I said, Glenn is one fishy dude and the consummate outdoorsman. He can smoke any legally caught fish in his personal smoker and it comes out tasting absolutely fabulous.  He supplies me with these tasty morsels on our outings and lets me go first on any run we fish together.  

A typical conversation after fishing one of those runs might go like this: Glenn:  How did you do? Me: Nothin’. Didn’t touch a fish.  There are no fish within a mile of this run.  Why? How did you do? Glenn:  Terrible. I only landed two Whitefish, a sucker, a couple Redsides, and a HUGE Bulltrout. A Chinook broke me off but I managed to land the Steelhead. A giant buck. I had to throw him back because he was wild.   Me: Tough luck buddy. Keep your chin up, there’s always the next run. Whats in the bag?  Glenn:  A couple pounds of fresh fillets and meat for my smoker.  Sorry it took me so long, I stopped and shot those Mallards that flew over.  Me:  Took so long?  You passed me when I was fishing my phone out of the river.  Do you remember what I did with my backpack?

DSC_0008 “Big Brown” Oil on panel, For Sale $10,000.00   by Glenn Ness

When we are fishing in my two man pontoon boat there is no need to anchor. If there is a so much as a trace of fishy water, I quit rowing, he leaps out of the boat, drags it to shore and beaches me, the boat, the anchor (dragging) and all of our gear, sometimes up cliffs.   Glenn:  Sorry it took so long to beach you and the boat and all of our gear up that cliff this time, I had to stop and shoot those Mallards that flew over. Me: Eh?

We have been friends since the 6th grade.  I have seen him struggle through his young starving artist years but he persevered.  He was willing to do whatever it took to survive and succeed at his art and provide for his family. He has never been above doing side jobs, whether it be pounding spikes, waiting tables, swinging sledges for demolition in remodels, or lifting heavy objects. Yet he never abandoned the artwork that embodies his deftness displayed in so many forms.  I’ve seen the sculptures, the abstracts, the caricatures, the writing, the trout flies, and even the drapes in his house for crying out loud. They are freaking fabulous. The man is a creator.  


 “Redside” – for Pategonia by Glenn Ness

Glenn’s life radiates with the life of his Creator in far more than just his art. He has been more than generous to me and my family in every transaction we have ever done.  We have shared deep waters, one to another for years. So to me, it is only fitting that he has made a name for himself in many genre’s of art, besides being a very talented musician and vocalist. He hand built his own drift boat from scratch. Because of all of his talents, I could hate him, but I love him too much.        DSC_1884The Abel Reel ProjectPhoto by Glenn Ness-  A photo of a painting by Glenn that was featured on the side of an Abel fly reel. How cool is that?   DSC_0006_2 The above Steelhead image was featured on Patagonia’s artist series T shirts in 2014. I will  soon have another page devoted totally to his art. Please holler if you are interested in purchasing a Ness Original.  You can email me at or call me personally at 541-588-0505. By then, I promise, I will have found my phone.  

10 thoughts on “The Art of Glenn Ness

  1. Tim,
    once again, thank you for a thousand kind words. ( I wasn’t counting) I am honored to call you friend! I never get tired of your writing!

    1. Thanks Glenn, that means a lot to me. I’m looking forward to more Ness Fly Fishing artwork featured on this website and of course many more epic fishing trips together!

  2. Timm, You got the touch. Just as Glenn has it with colours you have it with words. I so enjoy reading your stuff. Thanks to the both of you for the beauty and fun your bring to life.

    1. Wow, thanks Matt, that means a lot to me because, of course, you took the time to comment on it, which I truly appreciate. Also its about our mutual friend Glenn who is such a good friend, and also because it’s one of my favorite humor pieces and I’m so happy you approve and that you enjoyed it. Thanks buddy, that makes my day. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

  3. Great stuff, Timm! I enjoyed your many humorous troubles. I of course wouldn’t have these problems, as I would get lost trying to find the river.

  4. I think you’re in the zone now. This is some genuinely funny stuff, partly because it could have happened. just the way you described it.

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