Elevate your Spey game with Jon Hazlett Fly Fishing and Speylesson.com!  Check out Speylesson.com and don’t forget to check out Jon’s Youtube videos for Spey casting instruction. Jon Hazlett is also a well-known and respected fly fishing guide and caster here in https://www.speylesson.com/the PNW and an excellent Spey Casting instructor.

  How to single Spey cast video: Instructional, tutorial, but not exactly legendary. I made this to help people learn to spey cast something longer than a compact Scandi, or Skagit shooting head.   Really this will cover the bases for all spey lines but I know it will help you if you’re moving up

The above photo and video (both taken by Zack Williams) are Bruce Kruk, a long time member of the world renowned Galeforce and Carron Competition Spey casting teams doing a classic single Spey cast with a long line.  Zack Williams posted this video along with a few Single Spey Thoughts from the PNW Spey Guides site on the blog.