Underhand Casting Goran Anderson Style

I stuck my neck out and did an Underhand Casting Goran Anderson Style Youtube Video with the caveat that I’m not really an underhand casting guy.  I have learned much from my correspondence with Janusz Panicz when he taught me about Modern Scandinavian Casting these past couple years. He helped me to understand when I […]

Airflo Skagit F.I.S.T.

The Airflo F.I.S.T. line (Floater, Intermediate, Sink-Tip) is a new Skagit head that is roughly two thirds sinker. It enables us to fish fast runs more slowly, swing slowly in the cold, plus get deeper when needed…Peter Charles Hooked4life Fly Fishing full blown excellent Review! Here are a few random neural firings I experienced when I […]