Skagit Casting for Distance

1)  Squeeze the Rod with your bottom hand and relax your top hand. This will help you use your bottom hand throughout the cast whether you are casting midrange or Skagit Casting for Distance. 2)  Sweep with your bottom hand as much as possible. This will prepare you for using the bottom hand during the

I’m using a 20′ mono leader to experiment with Underhand and Scandi casting in this video. I slapped it together to play with using underhand techniques to experience the effects of a very long leader (to me) I ended up with some pretty impressive knotage on the leader before it was all said and done.

In the above Spey Casting Video, I will share my version of three Spey casting techniques, including the Perry Poke Skagit cast, popularized by Ed Ward, the Skagit Casting legend. The dreaded Perry Poke, which, when performed properly on the Deschutes, has been know to scare Atlantic Salmon as far away as Denmark.     Skagit

Short shooting heads and long mono leaders make underhand casting unique.

What, exactly, is Underhand Casting? What separates underhand casting, Goran Andersson style, from Modern Scandinavian casting, or any other kind of casting, at least at the outset, is the use of very short shooting heads couple with long mono leaders.  We are talking 15′ to 24′ feet long monofilament leaders.  This lends itself well to

I needed to devote some time last week to physical fitness for my health’s sake so my time on the water was limited. The weather is warming up and more people are making their way into my parking places and it looks like I wont be enjoying the water by myself like I did all

The Airflo F.I.S.T. line (Floater, Intermediate, Sink-Tip) is a new Skagit head that is roughly two thirds sinker. It enables us to fish fast runs more slowly, swing slowly in the cold, plus get deeper when needed…Peter Charles Hooked4life Fly Fishing full blown excellent Review! Here are a few random neural firings I experienced when I

Here is some nice slow motion Spey Casting by Jay Nicholas and his buddies somewhere on a river in Oregon: Jay is a Renowned fly tier, writer and fisherman who writes for The Caddis Fly: Oregon Fly fishing Blog  He also has his own Website called Fishing with Jay. Jay is also featured in a

The Skagit Double Spey was at one time my worst and least favorite cast in all of my Skagit casting.  I used my arms too much which is a big no-no in not only Skagit Casting but Scandinavian casting as well.   I learned from watching videos and getting advice from the likes of Greg, Bruce, Ed,