When it comes to Skagit Casting technique there seems to be a lot of talk about ripping the line across the water to make a big white mouse to load the rod. From my experience, a lot of casters don’t know what exactly to do with that loaded rod but used correctly it can be

See that photo above?  That is Greg Holt Casting. Nice eh?  He is a proponent of the CM/CL theory of casting. I have not personally jumped on board with the continuous motion, (cm) continuous load (cl) theories of Skagit Casting.  I understand the point that is being made by the cm/cl disciples but I can’t

Skagit casting puts a big bend in the Deathstar because of the short, heavy Skagit line and sink tip

 Skagit casting isn’t really much different than any other style of Spey casting. It should be slow, smooth, fluid, effortless, beautiful, efficient, and effective. Hot off the Press: 23 tips to improve your Skagit Casting Power and Distance. 1) Cut the hook off of your fly, stand in one place and practice for an