When the rod passes your position, your shoulder, it must be rising,….Robert Gillespie   One of the Golden Rules of Spey Casting according to Robert Gillespie is this: (on the sweep) when the rod passes your position, your shoulder, it must be rising, whether in the straight line incline or the climbing curve. Here is

I want to throw a bone to my friends who come to this site regularly. Although I have made so many mistakes here, including negligence and incompetence (loosing my email list, maybe twice) people regular users still check in and I want to show my appreciation by dropping some value bombs by way of sharing

Skagit Casting for Distance

1)  Squeeze the Rod with your bottom hand and relax your top hand. This will help you use your bottom hand throughout the cast whether you are casting midrange or Skagit Casting for Distance. 2)  Sweep with your bottom hand as much as possible. This will prepare you for using the bottom hand during the

Here is a list of newby Spey Casting basics to get you started on your Spey Casting, Scaninavin style, or Skagit casting journey. Rank beginners: 1) For a multi tip shooting head, such as a Skagit head or multi tip Scandi or Spey shooting head, which are basically shooting heads with 10 or 15 feet chopped

  How to single Spey cast video: Instructional, tutorial, but not exactly legendary. I made this to help people learn to spey cast something longer than a compact Scandi, or Skagit shooting head.   Really this will cover the bases for all spey lines but I know it will help you if you’re moving up

When it comes to Skagit Casting technique there seems to be a lot of talk about ripping the line across the water to make a big white mouse to load the rod. From my experience, a lot of casters don’t know what exactly to do with that loaded rod but used correctly it can be

The Skagit Double Spey was at one time my worst and least favorite cast in all of my Skagit casting.  I used my arms too much which is a big no-no in not only Skagit Casting but Scandinavian casting as well.   I learned from watching videos and getting advice from the likes of Greg, Bruce, Ed,

The Snake Roll cast is a very powerful Spey cast and very easy cast to learn. You just point your rod downstream and let the current straighten out your line.  Now your fly is on the dangle.  Very slowly draw the number 9 or the letter e backward with your rod tip.   VERY SLOWLY.  In fact,

Skagit casting puts a big bend in the Deathstar because of the short, heavy Skagit line and sink tip

 Skagit casting isn’t really much different than any other style of Spey casting. It should be slow, smooth, fluid, effortless, beautiful, efficient, and effective. Hot off the Press: 23 tips to improve your Skagit Casting Power and Distance. 1) Cut the hook off of your fly, stand in one place and practice for an

Spey fishing for Steelhead is not complicated.  There are a few things that are important for you to know if you havent done it before.   Some will seem ridiculously obvious but they are so absolutely vital that they need to be in the forefront of your mind while you are Spey fishing for Steelhead. There