This is a post written by Riveraddict aka Ed Ward on Speypagesand it is an excellent read for anyone wanting to learn about swinging flies for winter Steelhead.   Since I’ve got nothing better to do right now in Texas, here’s my advice on LEARNING it. Keep in mind that this is based upon my OPINION.

In the above Spey Casting Video, I will share my version of three Spey casting techniques, including the Perry Poke Skagit cast, popularized by Ed Ward, the Skagit Casting legend. The dreaded Perry Poke, which, when performed properly on the Deschutes, has been know to scare Atlantic Salmon as far away as Denmark.     Skagit

The Skagit Double Spey was at one time my worst and least favorite cast in all of my Skagit casting.  I used my arms too much which is a big no-no in not only Skagit Casting but Scandinavian casting as well.   I learned from watching videos and getting advice from the likes of Greg, Bruce, Ed,