Conditions were right for a casting video on a fishing trip with Charlie to a local haunt where we are often skunked, but hey. We made a high Slow Skagit double Spey video Using my beloved Beulah Classic 12’7″ two-hander with a 500 grain Rio Skagit short, old model, 10′ of t14 which I hate on this

Skagit Casting for Distance

1)  Squeeze the Rod with your bottom hand and relax your top hand. This will help you use your bottom hand throughout the cast whether you are casting midrange or Skagit Casting for Distance. 2)  Sweep with your bottom hand as much as possible. This will prepare you for using the bottom hand during the

 I had the opportunity to fish and cast with the OPST Commando head coupled with a 10’ Micro Skagit floating head and I had a ball.  I don’t necessarily recommend this set up as ideal because the heavy body of the OPST Commando pretty much overpowered the dainty OPST mico tip but it was fun

When it comes to Skagit Casting technique there seems to be a lot of talk about ripping the line across the water to make a big white mouse to load the rod. From my experience, a lot of casters don’t know what exactly to do with that loaded rod but used correctly it can be

Not many fish in the rivers but I was fortunate enough to take advantage of the lengthening days and get some casting practice in.  I picked up a Scientific Anglers Skagit head and wanted to compare it to my trustee Rio Skagit Short. Plus, the SA head is bright orange and I was hoping it

The bullet weight on the rabbit strip video was supposed to be a one and done.  After the Skagit cast killers  video I posted one short video doing a single spey with a heavy Skagit rig, thinking it couldn’t really be done very well because that is what we are led to believe because that is