Swinging the San Juan Worm – Swinging Outside the Box (of Salmonl flies and Hoppers)

Big Salmon fly with a Brown Trout Attached
I love big dry flies for Trout

Swinging a San Juan worm

So, I’m thinking of swinging a San Juan Worm since I’m in the midst of deciding  what I’m gonna do with all these nymphs I have in my little fly box since I rarely nymph.

Sure, I get all excited about nymphing and pick up a few store-bought offerings here and there, thinking I need to catch more fish than swinging streamers and floating, swimming, waking, stripping or even popping dry flies allows but I seldom get around to even tying on a nymph tiny nymph below my parachute Adams or dropper on my hopper or  Stimulator or Salmon fly, (I like big eyes on my flies, thus the bigger fly selection.)

I just ain’t into all of that messing around with tippets and teeny knots when I forget my glasses or when I could be fishing or at least casting a big bug on a hefty mono leader.

So now that the Salmon fly Hatch is dwindling I can focus on trying more stuff that may not work or may work really well.  Heck, I’ve never even owned a San Juan worm until lately, let alone took the time to tie it below a bobber, but I figured it might be pretty fun to swing in a tail out. I like that idea, which led me to this video. 

If you’re like me and you like swinging, popping, waking and stripping bigger flies with your OPST Commando or Rio Single hand spey line, check out the link below with the nifty little fly box and the easy flies to tie on. There are even some little ones for you nymphers. Its ok to buy it for yourself for fathers day. I already talked to your wife.

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