Swinging for Trout with Charlie

Pretty little feller with a beaded head black Wooly Bugger in his craw.

After building a livestock fence on Saturday and Sunday, Charlie and I sneeked out out this Memorial day to swing flies for Trout.  We waded about a half mile of creek.  The sun was bright but we managed to swing up a couple of little Browns.
Greaseline Charlie…Is that what you call it?

We had a ball and Charlie learned to do a Snake roll.  Previously he had been fishing my homespun Commando head but that was just too much for this small river.  So he got to play with my custom built (by me) 6′,  2/3 Tiger Eye special, The Tiniest Spey rod in the world, with its 100 grain shooting head.

A snake roll can be confusing if your go-to cast is a snap C!

I love spending time with my kids, working or playing.  My perfect day?  All my kids on the John Day, swimming and fishing for Smallmouth.  If we could just get mom to go it would be perfect.  But somebody has to stay home and be responsible I guess.Trout on a "Spey" rod


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