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Swinging Flies Through a Run: How to.

Takeaways from Marcus’s Video. Thanks Ashland Fly Shop!!!

  • (Swing by your feet first and work your way out)

  • Pace: 4 casual walking steps  (big water pace) (clear water)

  • Murky water, (or colder water) less than three steps, working methodically

  • Slow down to one or two steps through the juicy parts of the run

  • Some Anglers try a slow swing by mending upstream and keeping the line straight in the juicy water after which they will try a sideways presentation. This may mean a downstream mend or no mend at all.

  • Do not park in one place all day! (although theoretically if the fish are moving this may work)your

  •  Side Note.  For water temps above 50 (f)  I use floating lines and move fast if water is clearish. For water temps below 50 I prefer sink tips….Tim

In this video I’m pinned up against the bank, fishing the inside seam, moving through the run, looking for a player!  I like to move!

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