2 thoughts on “Striving for light Anchors with Scandinavian Shooting Heads.

  1. As an experiment, lengthen the bottom of the “e” before raising the rod tip and let the rod drift further rear-ward before the forward stroke, which gives you a longer “runway” for takeoff once the forward stoke begins. It will lengthen, soften, and smooth the power application while simultaneously allowing the anchor to land in an “up-sloping” attitude.

    I’ve found in my own practice that trying to adjust only one variable at a time helps for two reasons: one, it shows a more direct relationship between changes and outcomes, and two, it keeps me from getting confused with all the different things that can be changed!

    1. Hey Greg, nice to hear from you, great observation, I will try it out- Sounds a little more like what I do with longer belly lines. I got a little time on the water yesterday and noticed that it was almost impossible to blow and anchor with a Snake roll!…and, when I drift up, the cast really flies even after trying to break the rod during the Snake. Really starting to like the snake roll.

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