Streamer Fishing Techniques with Ard Stetts

I have been reading Ard Stetts posts on Speypages, and other internet sites for years so it was great to run across his Youtube videos this morning. Art has some different and unique techniques for Spey fishing for Trout, Steelhead and Salmon. He is a guide and outdoorsman in Alaska and a swell guy from all accounts. He does a great job making videos and I hope he continues as he is likable, passionate and very experienced at fishing and catching anadromous fish species in Alaska with a two handed rod.  Check out Ard Stetts’ Life on the Line website.  Here is a link to his blog which has all kinds of interesting articles including info about his sink tip system.

9 thoughts on “Streamer Fishing Techniques with Ard Stetts

  1. The warm welcome here has been just wonderful and I recognize some names from comments on the blog articles I’ve posted too. Thanks to all of you for being kind,

    1. I’ts been my pleasure Ard to post your Video. Its packed with great info and you are likeable and very passionate about the style of fishing we all enjoy here, so its easy to learn and be inspired by your work. Looking forward to more.

    1. Thanks John,

      I will be in touch with you soon about an upcoming project you may want to help support. Can you send me an e-mail address that isn’t part of a web mail system?


  2. Thanks so much for posting the video, I’ve been writing about the way I fish streamers for years and helping some folks to learn how to use my Voodoo leaders since I began rigging this way in 1994. I’ve been busy updating my website and will soon be plastering the Flies & Rivers Blog with a bunch of fish photography. All my clients are catch and release and so am I unless I take a salmon for dinner so the fish are all either still out there or have spawned and died so no harm done.

    There are text versions of what the video is explaining on the web blog also as well as many articles about life & fishing here that readers may enjoy.

    I’ve got this site bookmarked now, thanks again…..


    1. Thank you for commenting Ard. Great job on the videos. I’ve read about your sink tip system and seen sketches on speypages and your video showed it clearly. I’m sure some of the readers will want to see you other articles. I will throw up a link to your weblog so my readers can look up that information. Great job on the website too. Let me know when you post more videos and I’ll be sure to get them out. It was my pleasure featuring them on my site. They have proved very popular.

      1. I had seen Ard’s instructional on the braided loop jumpers that he used to prevent the cutting of welded loops on Speypages, and made, and utilized some myself. They work great.

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