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If you’ve ever wanted to blog or have your own website Wealthy Affiliate makes it easy. You can blog for fun or build your own business using the free Wealthy Affiliate tools. I have always thought the internet was a great means for reaching people and building some kind of business but there is so much information available that I really had no idea where to start. But in 2015 I came across a few simple ideas that cleared things up for me.

Write about something you know, and pick something you are passionate about. Its called a niche. Find a problem, maybe one you have dealt with yourself, within that niche and help others find solutions to that problem. Wealthy Affiliate has given me tools I never dreamed existed that have better equipped me to target and build an audience.  Now, thanks to Wealthy Affiliate I am learning to expand my repertoire to include more subjects to build a profitable website around.

I picked fishing with a spey rod because I have gone through the steps of learning, cutting through the crap of what is essential to know, including casting and fishing techniques and gear. There is so much info that its impossible to cut through the malaise of obfuscation created by details that do not matter. So I decided to start a blog to help simplify fishing with a spey rod.

When I work away from home I exercise or fish after work.  So in the evenings, when I’m exhausted I still want to spend my time being productive which means not hanging out on social media watching cat videos or snacking.   Blogging keeps me focused and busy in my spare time sharing what I am learning in my spey casting and fishing experiences. Thanks to Wealthy Affiliate I have learned to build a website and start a blog and now I’m a premium member going through the steps to learn to make money on line with their program. Its a great way to learn, step by step. So if you want to start your own blog or website for fun you can join for free. If your interested in guidance and support in starting an online business with a tried and true method you can do that too.  Wealthy Affiliate will make it happen if you do your part.