Spey Casting – The Lift: Crescent, Spiral, Shotgun, with Heavy Sinktips or Floaters.

This is Me, doing my personal variations of a bastardized Crescent lift, a kind of a mini crescent lift or mini croissant if you are French or hungry, or both.  I do a Single Spey Waggle, and one or two just lifting towards the bank. These might not be classified officially as a Crescent lift but are highly effective and easy with the short scandi shooting heads I am using.  Like a Crescent without the histrionics. You should try it If you are looking to have a more consistent anchor.  It also produces a very light anchor as you can see. Greg Holt turned me on to this Waggle.  I threw in Spiral Single or what some call a snake roll for fun because this is also another very easy way to place your anchor more consistently. It is yet another a very forgiving way to achieve excellent results, like to a single spey cast but way easier. It is not fancy, it just looks that way. It will change your life. I also threw in and double snake roll cast or double spiral lift. I hear tell that is one way died in the wool Scandinavian Casters lift heavy sunk lines from the depths.

Here is a very nice video presentation on the lift by Evan Unti on the Single Spey lift.  One of the best I have seen.

John Hazlett on the lift for the Snap T and Double Spey

Peter Charles on lifting a full sinking line.

Aitor Coteron goes non stop with a Single hander.

Single spey non stop from Aitor Coteron on Vimeo.

Me, doing my rendition of a Shotgun Lift

Triple Snake Roll by Janusz Panicz. I could watch this guy cast all day.

A few words from the past.  In the early days of Speypages two videos were presented featuring the Snake roll and the Spiral roll.  The differences in the cast were explained and discussed.  Here is what Simon Gawesworth had to say. ….

“I read this post with great interest and watched the two videos and feel we are splitting hairs.

I think the people who are trying to find the difference between these two casts are getting lost and are on the wrong track. The spiral roll is just another name for the snake roll. People are trying to find a difference in the two to make them separate casts, but this is not the case. In both cases you can start with a flat push back or a vertical lift according to the room behind and whether using a sinking tip and a big fly. Wind also would affect whether to lift first or go back flat. It doesn’t matter what the cast is called, starting the rod in a different position is just a question of style.

It is like saying that there is the Double spey and there is the “Half hitch spey”, just because the rod starts in a different place. It is all a question of style and necessity.

Don’t confuse the spey world by trying to rename every variation of a cast – it’s bad enough with the snap T/ snap C/ circle spey issue. Again, I think we are splitting hairs here. Let’s not get anal about things.

“Lets not get anal about things”…Simon Gawesworth…Timeless words in the world of Spey…

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