So, I Starred in this Video… (only in the first, like, 25 seconds)

Chris Tracewell, Mastermind of Morse Coding                  Tim Rawlins photo

My good buddy Chris from Morse Coding needed a movie star who could act like he was Spey fishing so I offered my services.  I was my own agent and shrewdly  architectured the terms of the, ahem, “modeling contract” which was breakfast and access to the video footage.  So I ordered the “man scramble” WITH a side of gravy and some cool casting video and photos. What more could a Spey caster / blogger / hearty eater want?  Also, I did my own stunts.  

Chris shot some absolutely fabulous footage and this is just a small teaser. More of this beautiful backdrop is coming with a couple of surprises.  By the way, if you watch the first 26 seconds of the video, you’ll see I snow skied down to my horse, saddled him and rode to the river where I fished before being helicoptered out in a sling with my horse.  It was awesome.  All in a days work.


Here is Chris monkeying around with several thousand dollars worth of camera equipment.  We set it up in the middle of the river.  Two man wading at its best.  Chris is very professional and fussy about doing excellent work.  He is also a fly fisherman who cares deeply about what he does and loves the outdoors.  It was a privilege to be in this production about our community. Thanks Chris.


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