Skagit Casting Sage Method 7126

I spent a little time fishing the Method #7 with an Airflo Rage 450 and Rio Skagit Max Short 525 with a 100 grain tip and medium weighted fly.

I thought the rod would be comparable to the Sage TCX (or Deathstar) but its a totally different animal.  The two lines felt heavy for each application of touch and go with the Rage 450 and floating Polyleader, although it Skagit cast well.  I used the far trough near the opposite bank as an excuse for the sink tip and weighted fly, because I wanted to fish the run and test cast the rod simultaneously, So I apologize for the non action portions of the video where my fly is swinging through the slow current.  

I’m still working on my videoing and editing skills.

The rod did surprisingly well with the heavy Skagit set up and launched it just fine but I fee like the rod could be lined more like a 6 weight and create more linespeed and still chuck a respectable payload while producing more enjoyment for the caster.  Yeah, that’s probably a tad light for most but I still prefer the lighter lines when possible.  

For me personally I think a 390 grain Rage would fit the bill and probably a 425 Skagit head would be the ticket on the low end of the spectrum.

Rio recomends 500 – 525 for Skagit and 450 -510 for Scandinavian shooting heads.  I personally think that’s too heavy but my lighter recommendations just show its a very versatile rod.

It has nowhere near the power of the Deathstar but the TCX is heavier and stiffer. The Method has a very mellow feel to it and I found myself pounding it too hard. My bad. Its very easy to cast, while the TCX was more difficult for some to fall in love with as far as finding their stroke.  I liked it, but could not cast Skagit lines too well with it, but that says more about my understanding of Skagit casting at the time.

Bottom line:  The Method is a sweetheart. Its light, nimble, mellow, recovers fast and has a fairly stout tip for digging tips out and fighting fish.  But it deserves a modern Scandinavian head to come alive for me. I settled on a 28.5′ Steve Godshall custom head of 378 grains and a floating polyleader.  It needed just a tad more weight to fully load the rod but it still shot tight, fine and far off loops.

I used the RSVT#8 on the Deathstar and Beulah Classic 7/8. They both performed fabulously with this line for touch and go casting as well as waterborn casting with sink tips and moderately weighted flies.  If I owned the #7 Method I would line it with a Rio Scandi Short Versitip #6 or 7 and fish it the same way.


2 thoughts on “Skagit Casting Sage Method 7126

  1. I like your idea of under-lining for touch and go casting. I have a Rainshadow burgundy 1307 that I lined with a Rio 410 grain 31 foot steelhead scandi and airflow 10 foot poly leaders. The line speed and tight loops more than make up for the lesser mass of a heavier head, and the enjoyment factor is off the chart.

    1. Thanks for that Greg. I know the 390 Rage seems like a very light recommendation to some for a 7 wight but the Airflo Rage has so much mass in the ass that if you want it to throw like a scandi line you really have to line down. The 410 Scandi like you throw on the Ranshadow would be a great match on the Method!

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