Single Speys with Heavy Skagit and a Bullet weight

Jaunsz Panicz challenged me the other day on the sloppiness of a Single Spey cast I posted Here.  It’s in the comments under the Youtube video. He wanted to know why I like to complicate things by forcing the perry poke all of the time.  

I have to admit, the single spey I posted was pretty pretty lackluster.  I did not know a single spey would work with all of that weight on the end of my running line. After all Skagit casting is the status quo for delivering big flys and heavy sinktips so why even bother with touch and go casts?  

I use light skagit gear for touch and go casting quite a bit and enjoy it and I’ve switch casted some heavy stuff but never game much thought to touch and go casting with it because, after all, its just not effective.  But I guess the thought never entered Janusz’s mind that it wouldn’t be effective, he is a scandi caster, and a good one.  He does not prescribe to the idea of Skagit casting. Casting is casting.  

In my mind I thought, well, it cant really be done, because, well just because, you just don’t do that. You could break your rod!  

Super lightweight Skagit heads fly like a bat out of hell and handle decent sink tips and flies with ease.  They make perfect shooting heads for Scandinavian Casting.  But heavy Skagit heads are for sustained anchor casting period.   Not so.  

With my 7/8 Beulah Classic and 10′ of t14 looped to a 570 grain Skagit head I could throw a decent moal leach fairly easy, but I didn’t put much effort into a single spey, because honestly I didn’t think it would work that good.  When Janusz challenged my sloppy technique I realised I had not expected to be able to do a single spey, so why put much effort into it?  

So I thought, why not?  You don’t know what you don’t know. To make it interesting I added a hefty bullet weight.  To my surprise my single spey worked better than my waterborn casts, which may just prove that my Skagit casting needs work, which it does. But I proved to myself it could be done and I may as well start doing it right.  Not that I’m happy with the casts in the video. I still am not using enough bottom hand in the sweep and I think a higher drift would help.  Also, It helps to roll cast the heavy stuff to the top before the single spey but that’s ok, I like things complicated.

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