Single Hand Spey Casting

This is not exactly single hand Spey casting but more like single hand Skagit casting.  I’m trying out a home made commando head on a garage sale single hander a friend gave to me.  I think it might be a fiberglass rod. It has metal ferules.

It took me a few casts to get the feel of it since most of my usual spey casting is done with a two handed rod.  The line cast reasonably well although its a tad heavy for my tastes.  Some of the casts flew nicely although there are a few stinkers thrown in for your viewing pleasure.  It was fun even though I prefer stiffer rods, as in graphite, and lighter lines but never the less it was a hoot.

The most exciting thing about this clip is that we found a spot where the lighting was great, a little bright but the sun shined on the line without a lot of glare, making it possible to see the line in flight, which I have struggled with in my past video-graphical endeavors.

I started to fish but decided to mostly spend my time casting, and throw in a few mends for good measure as my go-to knee jerk reaction to any cast that does not hit me in the back of the head.   The Skagit head is too short and a little on the heavy side for my tastes but I have a few more lines to chop up and fiddle with.

Thanks Uncle Rich for the camera man work.  I’m looking forward to getting back out on this piece of water with some Spey lines and a two hander and a better camera. Too much fun.

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