Simple Spey Casting Secret

Single Spey Cast needs incline sweep
Good hand position. The sweep my spey cast travels in an incline path

 Norway’s Geir Hanson



I have found myself that when I keep my top hand elbow tight to my ribcage, whether it be for short heads and switch rods or long rods with long lines, it really cleans up my cast!!! It helps me, a bunch, especially when I find myself getting sloppy.


A couple of other things I have discovered is that I now use more bottom hand throughout my sweep, but too much makes it inconsistent and too little bottom hand during the sweep makes me use too much top hand, which causes my hands to get behind me. Keeping my hands in front of my face during the sweep is very helpful for getting off good casts!

All of this seems counter intuitive to me but I’ve found it to optimize my casting! Another thing I have found helpful is to drift forward and up before the forward stroke, again, so my hands are far in front of me, keeping my bottom hand well in front.


Its a foreign feeling but it forces me to use both hands in the forward stroke and I get good turn over and distance when I keep my anchor well in front of me. I’m talking long spey lines here. But you’ll find it helpful with short lines too, particularly if you are backed up to brush and place your anchor well in front of you.

These are a few things that help me when I find myself struggling with long lines. Just a few Ideas for your consideration, with the caution that we are all built different and there are many ways to skin a cat, but these things have helped me, and since you took the time to drop me a line with your improvements, I wanted to share some other Ideas I have found helpful, that might also help you.

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