Shooting Heads

I thought this was interesting….  

But then I watched the entire thing and I realized it could be confusing for a brand new beginner.  I have owned each and everyone of those lines.  I do like Airflo lines.  For me they are the best in the business.    But if you had to choose one line to do what all of those in the above video will do I would chose  the Rio Scandi short body. (RSS)  (or you can go this route)

Here’s why.

I have the Rio Scandi short Body in a size 8.  I fish it on the 12’7″  7/8 Beulah Classic.  So for all practical purposes the RSS is a 400 grain quasi Skagit head built for speed.

With the RSS if you add:

Rio floating tip it becomes a 500 grain scandi head  33′ long.  

Comparable to the Rage but a little more streamlined.  

Will cut through the wind.

Will handle poly leaders.  I think it would handle 10′ of t8 on the end of the floater if you needed it to.

Will handle floating polyleaders or straight mono leaders with finesse. Its a screamer.


Remove the floating tip and throw on any 10′ sink tip tip up to 100 grains and it becomes a light Skagit…

Capable of throwing a moderately gnarly dumbelled eyed MOAL leach.  Basically anything but the nastiest big uglies you would want to chuck.

Works extremely well for touch and go casting, depending on your fly.

Works extremely well for waterborn, or Skagit  slyle casting.

Short configuration for casting under a tree in deep water.

Nice for switch rods

Remove the 10′ Sink tip and add a #8 15′ Rio floating tip and it becomes a 38′ Scandi head.

Nice for longer rods or more back casting room.

Technically it will require less stripping than a shorter head, but not really enough to change your life.

Handles mono leaders with finesse.

Probably would handle light polyleaders if you are into that kind of thing.

Great for touch and go and waterborn casting.

Remove the 15′ floater and add a 15′ replacement tip for Rio Versitip lines and you basically have your light quazi Skagit head with long sink tips.

Throws big enough flies.

Allows for more distance.

Still good for touch and go casting.

Still good for waterborn stuff too.

I’d be willing to wager that with the right 15′ tip, a good fisherman could do a pretty decent job of getting down as well as the Skagit intermediate head. But just in case, they do come in an intermediate sink rate.

Also, you can use Airflo tips if you want.

To diversify your Shooting head wallet even more try one of these longer Nextcast heads.

Or if you really want to get crazy try Galeforce. 

By the way I still keep a standard Skagit head in my kit. But I much prefer Rio’s Scandi Short Versitip. Hands down.

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