More Power, Line speed, and Efficiency…LinespeedJunkie

Yup, I decided to try LinespeedJunkie for a change. I like it. And it is true that I am more of a Junkie than a Jedi in the wide world of Spey

The term Jedi in fly fishing terms is very lofty. It is just my brand, I don’t consider myself a Jedi.

I consider Travis Johnson and Gerard Downy Ed Ward and Klaus Frimor to be the Jedi Masters in the Spey Casting department. Staying true to the Starwars theme I consider myself a Jedi knight, a disciple of the Jedi Masters of Spey Casting.  I never really cared for Starwars anyway although linespeedpadawan sounds kinda cool.

I figure that Linespeedjedi the brand has a cool ring to it and if I ever get my viewership up to the point where I sell ball caps or hoodies, LinespeedJedi sounds way cooler than, say, aging fly fisher with enlarged prostate! It would fit better on a hoodie.

So I’m going with Junkie for now, It is true I’m way more passionate about Spey Casting than I was when I started this site about three and a half years ago. Casting has become a form of meditation for me, because when I cast, I’ts generally impossible for me to think about things that give me anxiety attacks, which started after that stupid heart attack a couple years back.

I’m too busy trying to remember to sweep AND Cast with my bottom hand along with all the other things I’m constantly focusing on when I cast, or fish. So I’m a Junkie but in a good way because when I cast I forget everything else.

I’ve put the trout rod away for a wee bit. I’m concentrating on my competition casting which is a challenge and I love it. I feel if I can improve that I can cast anything.

Here are a few things I am working on with my single spey and my snake roll.

One disclaimer I will make is that I go by my own rules now, and some of them might contradict what we have been told because I have challenged them, and found other things to work better, such as…

Pushing with my bottom hand and the END of the sweep. My buddy Bruce Kruk opened my eyes to experimenting with this when shared that he uses his bottom hand throughout the sweep.

Roll casting across my body instead of towards the target

Casting over my anchor …even crossing over it a little

Drifting as far forward as possible after drifting as high as possible, which maybe contradictory but hey…

Forgetting about the dynamic extra terrestrial superchaged V loop and concentrating on landing the anchor correctly and majoring on the forward cast exclusively. A huge development for me. Thanks to Zach Williams whose presentation at the Clearwater Spey Clave revolutionized my casting philosophy.

Initiating the forward cast with my bottom hand

Experimenting with technique and challenging the status quo.

Motto: Work till you no longer have to introduce yourself.

Lots of video Ideas on the way! Stay tuned. More blog posts too! Sorry for the lackluster performance on the website. I need to keep it up. I’ve been concentrating on the youtube channel and, now, Instagram.



13 thoughts on “More Power, Line speed, and Efficiency…LinespeedJunkie

  1. Hi Tim
    You’re slowly but surely running out of things to refine, and in the process creating your own fine style. Nice job. Here’s one more thing to try:

    Just like with the idea of bending the Rod nearest the butt for maximum power and stroke length, bend your body in the same fashion –from the knees and ankles as you rock back and forth. If you make the amount of body movement to the rear longer and from a lower fulcrum, you won’t be as likely to risk a face plant on the forward delivery because your body “stroke” will finish without getting you too far out over your toes, but the movement will be the same overall length and less abrupt at the finish.
    Visualize a major league pitcher reaching back before delivering the ball if it helps. A long, gradually-accelerating body stroke that stays in control tells the Rod to do the same and gives you the best chance to deliver a smooth and evenly-tensioned line. So I’m told…

    1. Hey buddy, good to hear from you. Good advice. I will play with it and try to improve. I’ll take a gander at some pitchers, I agree with what you say about the long, gradually accelerating body stroke. It seems like so many sports have this in common. Very important in spey casting the long lines as it adds so much to the stroke! Thanks man, appreciate the input as always!

    2. Hey Pilgrim, in your comment to Tim, I am thinking you are talking about a Spey and long belly line, correct? I also have a thought, if what I asked is true, the same principle, it seems, should work on a switch 12’ with the scandi. IF you reduced your stroke and other functions. (Until dialed in) And even more dialed down for the Skagit.

      1. Hi Lewis,
        Long, heavy freight trains require a long steady pull to get them moving properly. Short, light ones can be jerked from a stop to full speed comparatively quickly. This is no different– the truth is that the size, duration, and force of movements should match up with the characteristics and requirements of the rod, line, and payload.

        Try casting your short scandi set-up with only body movements–it can be done, and it will teach you some important things. Good luck doing that with a heavy sinking tip on a Skagit!
        Pilgrim (aka Greg)

  2. I just pulled out the 15 ft’er last week so I can be better prepared for the CW this fall, trying to sneak in an hour casting a couple times/week. I found what you’re saying- slow barbell lift, body rotation to anchor out in front (thank you misters Johnson and Kruk) spot on, with one exception. I learned in a class from Lee Davison to end the sweep with the push from the bottom hand, to turn the corner and create the angle change for the single spey. At least that’s what I think I learned. This weeks session will be revisiting.

    Thanks for the vid, Junky. I’m there with you in the obsession camp, sans Jedi status.

    1. Hey Richard, great to hear from you. Glad some things in the video rang true. I to experienced what your talking about, giving that bottom hand a push to turn the corner just yesterday. It seemed to really fit into my snake roll well so I played around with it on the single spey too. Thanks for bringing that up. I will play with it more and we can compare notes and geek out a little more with this obsession we love. Its cool to have the true Jedi who are so generous with their information. Thanks again!

  3. You captured every thought I’ve had about the elitist flyfisher with that cheap rain jacket penned “Simms.” I talk to everyone on the river, even if they are plunkers. I really enjoy your down to earth approach, the way, and length, of explanation, as compared to demonstration. Most use way too many words. Great job! Lew

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