Videos and advice about setting the hook on Steelhead

How to set the hook when Spey fishing for Steelhead

I wrote everything I know about setting the hook for Steelhead in my, ahem,  award-winning article The Steelhead Plan.  An epic drama the actually features your’s truly setting the hook on a Steelhead and landing it.

Here are three videos covering the subject. Enjoy.

1) remain calm, 2) do nothing, 3) steady the rod as the fish is allowed to swim away with the fly, 4) nonchalantly set the hook, 5) panic (after the fish is landed)


Some fishermen leave a loop of slack running line hanging off the reel that they let slip through their fingers in the event the fish takes their fly.

I do that sometimes but it’s very important to double check that your running line has not half hitched itself around the butt of your rod or reel or partner or anywhere else where it could tie off hard and fast.

I am not recommending my plan, just my philosophy which is to stay calm and do as little as possible until the fish hooks himself. 

Here are a couple more that include the hook set for dry flies, nymphing and Streamers.


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