Scandinavian Casting Journey Continued

Gimme’ a week or two and I’ll clean up my forward stroke.  Or at least make it look like I’m not suffering an infarction everytime I pull with my bottom hand.


Ok, so there are eleven winter Steelhead that have made it up the river in my home away from home waters and there could be as many as twice that many, or half that many in my other adapted home waters.  Water is high, really high, so its not like I don’t have all the water and more all to myself to do whatever I want with as long as it doesn’t involve catching fish.  The Scandi journey continues, strait floating shooting head, mono leader and all.

I was ready to give up yesterday because I was not feeling the love for this modern Scandinavian Spey casting thing and I honestly had not made any improvements since, well really, since I had begun. Janusz Panicz looks like a greek god casting a lightning bolt when he scandi casts and I honestly look like a monkey humping a football, with my apologies to both monkeys and footballs.  It just was not happening. I’d make some ok casts and think I finally had it figured out but then I’d look at the videos each time I practiced and there was no improvement.  Nothing. As a matter of fact things had gone backwards. Videos from August and September looked pretty bad but better than my recent videos so there was no reason to post the new stuff. Which was crap.  I was extremely discouraged. 

I have access to tutorial videos from Janusz that very few have seen and I studied them over and over, I played with a little pantomime practice which I thought would help as I have throughout this enetire experiment but it wasn’t a huge help, mostly because I kept getting fish mojo all over my white gloves.  But I did keep watching those videos and going over the instructions Janusz gave me.  

An hour and a half, really almost two of solid practice today repeating the same stroke over and over while taking my own advice, and everybody elses, to slow down helped. Making a few adjustments after more close analyzation of Janusz videos helped even more. I made a few casts that were at least different enough from all of my other casts this year that I thought I would share them.

I’m stoked again. I thought this would be easy. I should have started with Scandi because all of this practice with my bottom hand has improved all of my casting, except for my scandi cast, until now. Stay tuned.



2 thoughts on “Scandinavian Casting Journey Continued

  1. Ha ha. You made me look like Zeus 😉 Good luck and keep pushing Tim !!!

    I think I’ll have another video coming your way soon in which I’ll wrap up all the faults I picked up in your recent videos. In short, it’s good that you’ve learned to sweep with your bottom hand but the common fault that affects your sweep is you let the rod go flat behind you. As a result too much line is dump into the water, the D-loop is smaller and you have plenty of an anchor to unstick from the water during the forward cast. Instead you should start your incline and rise earlier (when the rod is perpendicular to the direction of the forward cast). In general I tend to make higher lift (if needed) and then keep the rod tip high through the entire sweep. If I lift high I become the hostage of that height – it means there is no dropping of the rod tip. It also means that the sweep and casting stroke will be shorter (hands within the box). If the lift is lower than the sweep is usually longer/wider but again you have to start the incline and rise at the same moment, that is when your rod is perpendicular to the direction of the cast. I find most casters (including you) struggle with flawless transition from sweeping to the side into the firing position which requires a rod tip angle change (at the end of the sweep rod tip should be pointing up at approximately 1:30 on the clock). Hope that helps 🙂

    1. Thanks Janusz! Always great to hear from you and get your input. Yes, I agree. When I first started changing my stroke to Scandi style I thought I was doing fine but when I reviewed the videos it revealed that I always cut my sweep short and drifted into firing position prematurely. I had to force myself to extend my sweep back further which was difficult and I had to watch your videos (some of which I have downloaded on my hard drive) multiple times. It seems I over did it! So its back to the drawing board for me! Can’t wait for your next video. Let me know if you ever want to make any of them public. And thank you again for all of your help!

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