4 thoughts on “Scandi Casting with a Top Hand Tamer

  1. Hi Tim, after all this time and looking back do you think wrapping up your right arm helped you or if you where to keep looking at your loops on making corrections based on them which way would you recommend. I’m just venturing into the underhand game as it makes so much sense to my mind but my body says What? Lol. Like you I see myself using to much top hand. I know that I’m using to much because after I’m done practicing my top bicep is sore grr so I know I’m doing it somewhat wrong. I know another 1000 casts I’ll have another question to ask as I’m very hard on myself but I want to do the cast and myself justice.

    1. Hey Robert, good question. I think a better option is to pin your top hand elbow to your rib cage or pretend you are pinning a book between your elbow and your rib-cage. You could even pin your elbow to your ribs with a wrap of duct tape around you. Then you are forced to sweep with your bottom hand. As long as your elbow stays in contact you can move your top hand out to the side and around as far as you want but elbow can not move its position. It is a very odd feeling because your right foot is pointing towards your target with your left leg behind. I’m talking river is flowing from right to left and you are casting with your right hand up. It is comfortable to face down stream. But when you lift your rod and rotate your body towards the target, there is a tremendous twist at the waist that feels very foreign and even uncomfortable and then you extend your bottom hand in front of your top hand in the key position, (ready to fire the forward cast) and you feel like your twisted up like a pretzel. It seems like it took me almost a year or more to finally figure that out. Watch Klaus Frimore and although he is relaxed his upper body is totally torqued around. Then your ready to learn to cast with your bottom hand, The best way to do this is with a floating scandi shooting head and long mono leader such as a 15′ tapered leader or straight mono would be ok. The sweep is VERY SLOW and the bottom hand does it with little aid from the top. Practice stirring the pot very slowly to get the idea and don’t even worry about shooting any line. A few strips of line is all you should try, or zero strips. The only thing that might be sore after practicing is your waist area from twisting… try it and let me know how it goes. Watch my videos and see if you can tell what I’m talking about. Hope this helps you and thank you very much for posting the question!

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