Scandi Casting: Experimenting with a Higher Drift

I spent some quality time experimenting with a really high drift while practicing my Scandi Casting this week and I was surprised at how well some of the casts flew.  It seemed awkward at first but it helped me with my tendency to drop my hand before my forward cast and it helped to keep the anchor very light.  Still my timing needs improvement as I still have a tendency to use too much line stick, which is a no no for Modern Scandinavian Spey Casting.

6 thoughts on “Scandi Casting: Experimenting with a Higher Drift

  1. Tim, I did not understand you meant initial lift in the first place. This link to Sexyloops thead might open more thinking – there are three different ways to do T&G anchor. It was first time for me to read this detailed “instructions” although I know SL forum is where fly line behavior is understood very good. And it seems the way Göran Andersson does Underhand sweep without dip is not mentioned there and which you now did here.

    1. Hey thanks Esa for the link. Your comments are great. Keep them coming. My primary goal for Scandi casting at this point is a very light anchor. The cast flies if the anchor is correct. That is the reason for the high drift I play with.

      A higher initial lift with the Short Scandi head with less emphasis in a flat V loop sweep is easier to do, and calls for an appropriate drift to keep the bottom leg of the D loop off the water. This makes for a light anchor and a cast that flies. In the video you posted and the one I posted of Janusz there is a higher degree of difficulty and tendency for tailing loops (for me anyway) but they really fly when executed correctly.

  2. In this old casting video beginning at 03:53 is a Switch Cast where Stephan Dombaj makes the highest distance rod handle lift I have ever seen. It is not necessary to do that low back cast but for sure it looks cool 🙂
    Whole video has good line handling which some is even useful 😉

    1. Thanks for the Video Esa. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. That is indeed a nice looking switch cast with the low sweep and high lift. No doubt the low, flat sweep produces a tight V loop. Another example of a caster who can do the low sweep with a drift, although not as high, is Janusz Panicz. That is a long way to drift and difficult to do if you are not accustomed to doing it but his casting is superb.

  3. I think those casts look pretty good. I am experimenting with stopping higher also. But, I find it takes concentration. It will be good to see how I do when actually fishing, but that will be next year.

    1. Glad you are out practicing Jim. I worked so hard at a high stop that now it is a tad too high and I will try to lengthen it about a foot. I try to move my high stop a little to the inside after the cast to make sure the line does not hit the rod tip. Thanks for your comments Jim, glad you are moving forward.

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