Robert Gillespe and The Incline Excercise

“I personally consider this exercise from James Chalmers of Galeforce is easily the single most important exercise in learning long stroke style spey casting, and also for some of the modern shooting head casting techniques and to improve spey casting technique with a single handed rod”….Robert Gillespie

So without further adu, I present to you the Incline Exercise There is so much rich content on the page that I’m tempted to copy and paste the entire thing. If you have not read it you will be happy you did. It’s a total game changer. It may just revolutionize your casting. 

“I simply could not over estimate the importance of the incline exercise progression in learning how to Spey cast correctly in this style with either a single or double-handed rod. It is also actually in itself an absorbing and rewarding exercise system. One that develops great precision, control and understanding. It is one of the real keys to greater understanding”….Robert Gillespie

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