Rio Skagit Mow Tips as Skagit lines (shooting heads) for Short rods.

Last Summer I picked up a Cortland Fairplay 8′ 5/6 fly rod at Walmart.  You can’t order these things online through Walmart but you can find them at some of the larger stores if you’re lucky. 

I was pleasantly surprised with the rod’s performance.  Of Course, the components on a 30 dollar fly rod are pretty cheesy, what with the plastic reel seat and the foam grip but other than that it has a pretty sweet action and is light weight and fun to cast.

The Rio Skagit MOW tips can be found on Amazon or Ebay or elsewhere and make dandy little Skagit lines, ie shooting heads for turning over sink tips on shorter fly rods anywhere from 6′ to 8′ long in the 3 to 6 weight range depending on a variety of factors such as how heavy or light you like to line your rod and what sink tips you fish.

I haven’t done exhaustive research but good ideas for sink tips would be Rio Versileaders or 7′ to 10′ Airflo Polyleaders or Loop Poly tips.  Possibly go longer if that works for you.  Another possibility is custom 7′ to 12′ custom chopped sink tip material from t3 up to t8.


I prefer lighter sink tips and smaller flies on my little fly rods but you can go heavier for mini dredging on smaller water if you like. Which I have.

You can do most of the standard Skagit and Scandi casts provided you keep your hands low and use your wrists like swivels to implement a super compact casting stroke.  Its a super fun way to experience a tight line grab swinging for hatchery Trout and Smallmouth.

You can also use the lighter MOW tips for ultralight Skagit lines on tiny 2/3 weight fly rods.

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4 thoughts on “Rio Skagit Mow Tips as Skagit lines (shooting heads) for Short rods.

    1. Yes the floating MOW tips do have some taper to them. They actually fit the floating 10′ OPST Micro tip better than the Commando heads do. Thanks for logging in and commenting Robbie.

  1. I love this idea! The guys at OPST recommend their 150-grain 10′ head for 3wt rods under 9′, and a quick check on the scale at my local fly shop puts the 10′ Heavy Floating MOW Tip at 146 grains, so this sounds about perfect for the 7’6″ 3wt I use.

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