Rio In Touch Single Hand Spey Line Test Cast and Fish.

I had the chance to pick up a brand new #5 Rio In Touch Single Hand Spey Line. I laced it up to a 9′ for #5 single hand Cabelas fly rod to give it a test drive using a rod length mono running line and a small wooly bugger.  Its not quite as easy to cast as the tiny Scandi and Skagit heads available today but it has a long front taper for fairly delicate presentations and overhead casts very nice.  It requires a little more technique than the shorter shooting heads but its a pretty forgiving line to cast.  

It’s a sweet line for casting and fishing small and medium small flies using Traditional Spey, water anchored and overhead casts.

It casts very nice at long distances and also casts very well with half of  the head inside the guides. It has an an integrated running line.  

It is advertised as having a  head length of approximately 33 feet which is almost 4 times the rod length of the 9’ #5 fly rod I was using.  So by today’s standards it’s more of a shortbelly traditional Spey line.

I found the line to be addicting. Its a ball practicing my double haul and various casts, including overhead, which to me equals some of my wilder Spey casts that didn’t actually touch and go, but just did the go part without bothering to touch down.  I’m looking forward to sticking some trout of any size with it because its a slender enough line being all of 200 grains spread out over 33′ long.  I will be able to feel the fish with a fly line that tiny.  This set up is my idea of a Trout Spey.

Yikes!  Rio just came out with this line in 3D which means it has a float, hover and intermediate section.  What this basically means to me is that you can just slap on a short section of mono leader and go straight to swinging wooly boogers or soft hackles knowing that they will swing deep.  The fact that it is mostly sinking means that it will basically fly like a bullet because of the condensed weight.

This F/H/I (3D) version has a triple density (floating, hover, intermediate) coating, that is perfect for swinging soft hackles across fast, uneven flows, or for stripping streamers for autumn browns. The multi density coating ensures the fly stays down, yet easily allows for complex mends and line control.

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