Review: Tom Larimer Skagit Revolution

First of all Tom Larimer is not an “out and around” Ed Ward type of Skagit caster. That is good because he has his own style of Skagit casting that is a little more akin to conventional spey casting that could be construed as similar  to Modern Scandi casting using waterborne anchors. To me, his casting appears very technically correct. I personally don’t think you can go wrong using his techniques if your goal is to become a solid, competent, even advanced caster providing you do your part, which is to practice until your blue in the face. He is a very good caster and excellent orator.

If you are a word person you will enjoy this because Tom is very descriptive and I believe if you could copy the manuscript of the lessons you would have yourself a fine reference book.

My suggestion if you are a beginner is to stick with either the Ed Ward Style of out and around Skagit casting, or go with the Tom Larimer traditional style but don’t try to do both at the same time.

I admit I did not watch the DVD’s in their entirety, I just jumped over to the more advanced parts and was impressed with Toms knowledge of proper technique, casting and his ability to put it all into words.

If you want to learn a system the will give you an excellent foundation for all types of spey casting, particularly with Skagit and Scandinavian shooting heads with an emphasis on waterborne anchors including lots and lots of different casts in all types of situations, we are talking 4 hours worth here,

Tom Larimer is your man.

If your a video freak like me and you want to see what Ed Ward has up his sleeve you should really check out Skagitmaster One featuring Ed Ward. Yeah, there is some stuff on there that confused me for a few years, or more likely I was already confused and Ed just brought it to my attention. Nevertheless Ed is extremely intelligent, Knowledgeable, a fabulous Skagit Caster and you can learn a bunch from this video. If Ed’s out and around style intrigues you then go with Skagitmaster One featuring Ed Ward. Its a classic and one every video freak should have one in his library.

2 thoughts on “Review: Tom Larimer Skagit Revolution

  1. I’ve been skagit casting for 2 years since I picked up a two hand rod. Been on the river almost 130 times in that period. I have been lucky to watch my fishing buddy skagit cast, ” ed ward “style. I watched parts of his video almost daily for a year and still watch it. However , I did buy tom larimer’s dvd a while back and really liked it. Like ed ward, he has his methodology and mechanics pertaining to his skagit cast. As you stated though, I really found that I needed to apply one “school of thought” towards my skagit casting. For me, I like the fundamentals and physics behind ed wards process of skagit casting. I like watching your video’s and reading your writings about skagit casting because I like how you acknowledge the differences and nuances in this style of two hand casting. I have friends who don’t think there is such an exclusive thing as “skagit casting” . I like how you add and try different techniques to show that casting is a lot of personal “style” but always with correct fundamentals. Fundamentals that always have to be part of the cast. Thanks for all the info and videos you make available.

    1. Thank you very much, Paul, That makes my day! I couldn’t agree with you more. I feel you have a good, open mind on the subject, and I think that’s a great way to come up with a style that works for you. Thanks so much for taking the time to make a well thought out comment.

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