Redington Path #7 10′ Fly Rod Review (Hint- I Love it) …OPST Commando

Redington Path #7 10′ Fly Rod: Why I love it as a mini Spey Rod.


Could this be the best Value in a mini Spey Rod on the Market?

This particular Redington Path is a straight forward rod.  The Redington Path 10′ #7 with an OPST Commando, or Commando Groove Skagit head of 225 to 250 grains is amazing.  I’m still trying to figure out if I was thrilled with the fact that almost kept up with my Beulah Classic 12’7″ 7/8 Classic two hander and a 500 grain Skagit head for covering water.  Kind of.  Factoring in payload and all that stuff the bigger Spey rod can do it’s not much of a contest.  But I covered a ton of water with this little guy.

Budget Rod?  You might not know it if you ever watched it in the hands of a capable caster or felt it for yourself!

I love expensive rods for sure but I almost start to salivate when I think about this stick for just over $114 bucks to my door.

This #7 rod has a nice little fighting butt that I found very nice for two handed casting. I could not quite muster up the strength to get a super powerful single hand spey cast with the 275 grain Groove with a double haul. I found that to get my best casts I had to resort to the two handed option with the fighting butt.  I would absolutely love this stick with a butt extension,  but if I made a circle with my pointer finger and my thumb and stuck the little fighting butt in that circle (I think I did it that way) It was a nice way to take advantage of the bottom “grip” for two handed casting.

I think I paired the 275 grain Groove with a 10′ t8 sink tip on the Path for the video review. This set up was a tad heavy for my liking, for both single hand and two handed casting but it basically fished fine. My Favorite line for this little Redington Path is the 225 Grain Skagit Commando head and the t8 sink tip.

I think a larger sink tip would have been ok but I truly enjoyed this set up and was excited with the distance I was able to attain.  Its fairly fast action but not overly stiff.  The copy I read on a fly fishing site said it was medium fast, I think, and that sounds about right.  It was easy for me to cast.  We hit it off right away and the more I think of it the more I am interested in a long term relationship with this splendid little gal.

Of course a small to moderate fly is all I want to use Skagit casting on a rod this small because am not into self torment when I’m trying to enjoy the river.   I wish I would have documented the fly I used but suffice it to say I really loved this OPST shooting head and sink tip combo on this rod and I did not want an Intruder to ruin the moment.


Perhaps your best bet for a Great Lakes trib all around Spey Rod / everything rod?

 I could easily cover all the water I need to swing up a Steelhead in my favorite runs on The Deschutes River and definitely the Grand Ronde and the John Day for summer, and fall steelhead. I could happily fish the Clearwater too if need be. 


Amazing Value:

The high line speeds would do pretty good in the wind in all of these western rivers where longer rods are often used and prefered by most Spey fishers but If the Spey gods limited me to one rod and line combo and it couldn’t be longer than 10′ I would be very happy with this one until maybe cold water conditions required heavier tackle at which point I would tell the Spey gods to take a hike,  But then again, I might like to try a heavier, longer sink tip, with a little larger fly and give it a shot. 

  I swapped rods with a friend to fish a Steelhead run on the Deschutes and now I’m sad I gave it back.  The next time I get a chance I’ll play with it using a different sink tip or two along with a slightly bigger fly and see what she’s got.  I like to support my local fly shop which is Fin and Fire Fly shop in Redmond Oregon

Unfortunately, they are sold out of this very hot item so your best bet if you wanna buy one is ebay!  $115 shipped!   Im not affiliated with the seller, but I am affiliated with Ebay I guess.  I totally enjoy this rod and think you might really love this Rod yourself!



2 thoughts on “Redington Path #7 10′ Fly Rod Review (Hint- I Love it) …OPST Commando

  1. If you feel brave or foolish like me you can try to remove existing reel seat and butt and replace with parts from Jann’s Netcraft. I pulled this off successfully on a 12ft Angler’s Roost 4wt nymph rod.

    FIGHTING BUTTS, (003) 5″ Length, 1.5″ OD, Fighting Butt

    1. Wow Mickey, you are brave! What method did you use to remove the existing reel seat and butt? You sound very determined! I’ll bet it turned out sweet!!! Thanks for for sharing this!!!

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