Random Spey Casting Tips

I had an opportunity to watch Tom Larimer’s Skagit Revolution instructional video this weekend and I was very impressed.  My casting does not resemble his in most cases, partially because in the video he used only “sustained anchor” techniques, which is to say he did not do any touch and go casting.  I have mostly been a disciple of Ed Wards principles lately, now that I understand them somewhat for Skagit Casting,  I can see myself implementing some of my touch and go principles into my Skagit casting and ending up with a style the resembles Tom’s.

I will try to do some kind of review on Larimers Skagit Revolution instructional video this week if I can figure out how to work up a video that will make sense.

For now I will just say that a big D loop and a light anchor are very important and watching them form or having someone else watch them form while you cast, or videoing your own casting are good ways of knowing what is going on while you cast.  After that, the best advice I can offer is to practice, practice, practice.

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