Poppy’s Clearwater Spey Clave 2020 Cancelled!

The 2020 Clearwater Spey Clave has been Canceled.

To read about the 2019 Clearwater Spey Clave read below!

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The 2019 Clearwater Spey Clave was a blast. A wet blast.  It rained like crazy. We did our presentations on the river, and in the afternoon we did informal Spey lessons with some of the best in the business. Bruce Kruk, Zack Williams and Whitney Gould. 

These people are long line enthusiasts, professional guides and competition casters and I consider them my mentors in my comp casting and long line casting journey, or whatever it is I’m attempting. Its cloudy.


Gene Oswald of Bruce and Walker and Boss fly lines, Speyorama finalist and all around good guy was kind enough to loan me a 16′ Powerlite lined with a Nextcast 55′ Fall Favorite for my presentation. It was butter!…and lightning. Thanks Gene! and Bruce and Walker!

Also presenting were Tracy Allen, Al Buhr, and Lee Davison of Ballistic Fly Lines.  Among all these great casters, as a first time presenter I felt it might be a good idea to have my act together… …So I did my best.  As a result nobody threatened me with physical harm after my presentation, although Whitney gave me the stink eye when she saw me mixing my sweep with my drift at one point during a private casting session. Nevertheless I consider my participation a success and was honored to play a part in the clave.




Bruce and Mark…friends from the north



Bruce Kruk, Fine and Far off enthousiast extraordinaire, Caster, fisherman and photographer.

In the afternoon we gave informal lessons on the river to some very talented casters and Spey fishermen.  They were also pretty hearty, not letting a little rain stand between them and improving their skill set.

Whitney Gould Speyorama Womens Champion (multiple championships) and SOR distance record holder. Professional flyfishing guide and casting instructor.

  It was a very good turn out and because we were on the Clearwater most of the participants had long rods and long lines. Galeforce, rods and lines, Bruce and Walker Spey rods, Boss Spey lines, and Ballistic Spey lines are popular here, and people do well with them.  I was impressed with the quality of the students and their abilities.

After the lessons, Bruce, Zack and Whitney were kind enough to share their knowledge with me and we pretty much shut the place down.  They were kind enough to let me shoot video with my trustee Iphone 8, so with their permission I will share it on youtube and this site.

A great highlight for me was Bruce Kruk complimenting me on my presentation. The compliment came during casting jam, because he wanted it on film. Thanks Bruce. You are a humble guy a true encouragement and motivator to me.




Bruce, me, Zach Williams of Swing the Fly magazine  Speyorama Finalist, professional guide.

One of the highlights for me was when Zack asked me to stop recording.  When Zack says to stop recording, its a good thing.  In private shared a technique that may be the missing link  to my long line, comp casting, distance casting efforts which are average in the comp casting world.  When I remembered to implement his technique it payed off, so this year I will focus on it in my practice sessions. Sorry, I can’t share it. I’m sworn to secrecy.





When Zack says stop recording, its a good thing.

Richard Harrington, Fisherman, Caster, Artist extraordinaire and podcaster…

Afterwards the smart people went back to camp to get out of the rain.

Since I refused to hand over Richard Harrington his 15′ #10 Galforce two hander coupled with 63′ Galeforce Equalizer matching Spey line, he was forced to stay on the water with me and coach me on my casting until the threat of darkness and severe wetness was at hand…


It was a great time, jamming with some of the best two casters around, visiting with Poppy and his crew,  a very down to earth and friendly group of warm family memgers and Spey enthusiasts. We helped raise a few bucks and brought awareness about Rett Syndrome  in honor of Poppy’s beautiful young grandaughter who is now undergoing treatment.  Please donate to the foundation or through Redshed fly shop.

A Kiss goodbye from a fellow grey beard. I had to bug out early Sunday…

Sunday Breakfast with my son Wade at the Breakfast Club Moscow Idaho. Go there.



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