Podcast: Interview with Brian Chou and Single Spey Cast clip

The above photo is courtesy of Dave Stewart of Wet Fly Swing and Brian Chou

Brian Chou is featured on a Steelhead fishing podcast, being interviewed by Dave Stewart over at Wet Fly Swing
Here are a few things I know about Brian Chou:

He was or is involved with Nextcast as a line designer

He is a Portland Trailblazers fan.

He’s a casting instructor

He knows a lot about steelhead fishing

He can cast:  See the video above




2 thoughts on “Podcast: Interview with Brian Chou and Single Spey Cast clip

  1. Thanks for the share Tim. What I enjoyed most about the interview with Brian was the idea of fishing with intention. This is something that is always cool to hear about. For me, it just means slowing down, thinking more about what every cast, step, and time I have outdoor means to us. It gives us more meaning to this whole thing. The Soul River Runs Deep project is really cool as well and have already talked to Chad who said he will be on the show.


    1. Great Dave, Your interview with Brian is excellent work. Great lesson to be learned about slowing down and fishing with intention, which I often do, until I’m sidetracked by daydreaming or casting…so it’s something I think about often. I’m looking forward to checking out the Soul River Runs Deep project. Really great stuff here. Thanks for turning us all on to this!

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