Perry Poke City: Skagit Casting Or….?

A couple of pro’s!

Mike McCune – Downstream Shoulder Perry Poke from Headhunters Fly Shop on Vimeo.

With an actual Spey line!….This may take a while….



The venerable Speed Poke!



Left Handed


Armenian? On the Brule’?

Perry Poke Junior. Eat your heart out Mike McCune!


And the Grandaddy of them all (besides Carl Perry) Ed Ward!

3 thoughts on “Perry Poke City: Skagit Casting Or….?

    1. Thank you Aitor, I hope you enjoyed that. I personally use the Perry Poke when I blow a set up for a single spey or when casting heavy bugs in which case I’m afraid of hitting my rod doing a snap T. Also, I don’t enjoy single spey casting using heavy sink tips and weighted flies. The Perry Poke is my go too cast with heavy Skagit heads and tips, but I prefer Scandinavian shooting heads with moderately weighted sink tips and small or medium flies. Even then I will throw in a random Perry Poke, but mostly I try to dial my Janusz Panicz style single spey, (in my dreams). I’m working on a Skagit casting video essay that I think you will find fun and interesting.

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