Robert Gillespe and The Incline Excercise

“I personally consider this exercise from James Chalmers of Galeforce is easily the single most important exercise in learning long stroke style spey casting, and also for some of the modern shooting head casting techniques and to improve spey casting technique with a single handed rod”….Robert Gillespie So without further adu, I present to you […]


Poppy at the Red Shed fly shop has always been great to do business with. He also is featured in a cool video. He has a great selections of Spey rods and lines, including Galeforce, Nextcast and Airflo. Also he carries the highly coveted Commando heads Locally, Reed at Fin and Fire in Redmond Oregon […]

Skagit casting

I have to give the nod to Ed Ward for the funnest clip to watch, the Skagitmaster 1 video trailer.  I know that Skagit casting is poo-pooed by many a longbelly enthusiast but I also know that Travis Johnson who is a world champion and Speyorama champion uses Skagit lines for fishing and even stars […]