Rod Time Episode 4 the Trailer

Ok, this is a really funny fly fishing video. It’s too funny not to post. Rod Time Ep. 4 The Trailer: Trailer It’s the trailer to end all trailers. Join Waist Deep Media as they push the boundaries of what’s possible in fly fishing. Exotic locations, expensive microphones, dramatic music. Nothing can match the remote […]

Jeff Hickman

JEFF HICKMAN – The FlyFish Journal It is satisfying to please your guide, but I don’t get guided often. I can barely guide myself, and am rarely ever comfortable on large rivers that I’ve never fished. Generally I prefer to fish alone, or with a few buddies. Sometimes it is more fun to fish together, […]

Skagit Spring

Skagit Spring – The FlyFish Journal If you’re lucky, you’ll find yourself knee deep in a slow push of un-fished water, half meditating and half hunting, sometimes with friends and sometimes alone and you’ll hope in your heart that a bright fish, not long from the Pacific, could have paused there during its upstream journey.

Beyond the swing

Beyond the Swing ALTHOUGH DAVE HUGHES’S exhaustively titled Wet Flies: Tying and Fishing Soft-Hackles, Winged and Wingless Wets, and Fuzzy Nymphshelped bring on a minor resurgence of the wet fly more than a decade ago, for many fly fishers, these old-school patterns remain something of a mystery.

Jon Hazlett Kicks Off

Elevate your Spey game with Jon Hazlett Fly Fishing and!  Check out and don’t forget to check out Jon’s Youtube videos for Spey casting instruction. Jon Hazlett is also a well-known and respected fly fishing guide and caster here in PNW and an excellent Spey Casting instructor. Promo video Elevate Your […]

Soft Hackle Flies

What About Soft-Hackled Flies? A few soft-hackles. The first, in front, is the March Brown Spider. photo by Carol Ann Morris Question: “When fishing rivers, under what conditions do I use a soft-hackle fly? And can you recommend a pattern for an intermediate level tier?” Tying the Spectrumized March Brown Spider by Davie McPhail Materials […]

Buying a Trout Rod

Trout Tips: Choosing a rod These days, when even a modestly priced rod will set you back $350, it’s more important than ever to choose wisely. Whenever I rod shop, I’m reminded of that scene in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, when the traitor arrives in the Grail Room and is handed the false […]